Founded in spring 2001, Invemet is a joint venture between the Italian finance company Investo and Techemet of Pasadena, Texas – one of the largest smelters of automobile catalyst in the world.

Techemet first started its activity back in South Africa, operating a salt mine. Soon however its founder Vincent Ward set up a consulting service for the South African mining industry, which he later set up in the United States.

Techemet’s founding Partners share a highly specific education in metallurgical engineering, along with significant experience in this field, which have contributed to the development of extremely high performance, tailor made furnaces for ceramic smelting operations.

As time passed Techemet evolved into the multi national company that it is today. Techemet has operations in the following countries:

South Africa

On last July 2019 we have started the construction of 2000 m² expansion of the Ciriè plant .
This will allow to have a total area of 3800 m² with more space
for storage and for new machinery installation