Invemet serves single wrecking yards as well as spent catalytic converters collectors and scrap metal recyclers. We offer tailor made solutions according to our customers’ needs.

The purchase and the evaluation of spent catalyst are based on an accurate and clear grading process, thanks to a new e-application (relying on a library with over 33.000 assays of single units) where every single converter is priced in conformity to its PGM content, the PGM prices and the relevant EUR/USD exchange rate. At the end of this process we get an “average price”, which varies from time to time depending on the quality of the spent catalyst mix to be evaluated.

For significant volumes (over 500 Kg of ceramic monolith) an offer based on a precious metal return is available. In this case the payment criteria are really scientific: on the basis of the three precious metals (Pt, Pd and Rh) recovered from a given batch of loose ceramic monolith, an agreed percentage of the same will be returned to the Supplier.

Of course Suppliers receive a sample of the milled catalyst in order to proceed with their own assay, if so requested. Moreover Suppliers can supervise decanning and sampling operations personally for further transparency.

If the Supplier decides to hedge the metals (i.e. to make a forward sale), Invemet will take care of all financial operations on their behalf and wire a significant amount of money once the hedging operations have taken place.

The balance will be paid as soon as the final assay is available. This is usually within three weeks from the date of delivery. This option is possible even without hedging the metals. In this case the value of the goods will be wired as soon as the contract expires or, if the Supplier prefers, once the assay is available. No payments will be made unless the corresponding value of metals is hedged.

Call us to get our very best offer for metal return or our current offer for spent catalytic converters purchase: we look forward to hearing from you!